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Somewhere Over the Rainbow (Bridge)

As a lorry hurtled past at 60mph, its roar was already lost within the steady rumble of traffic passing overhead and on the opposite side of the bridge. The wind, that was non-existent on the mainland, had picked up a little and was breezing through my hair as I moved on at a steady pace. My companion and I had made a silent mutual decision to keep conversation to a minimum until the next viewpoint, as it was not the ideal environment for easy chatter.

Our little adventure of walking across Rainbow Bridge in Tokyo was well worth the minor inconvenience of the noise and increased wind to get the benefit of great views of the Tokyo skyline. The footpath along the bridge is on the lower level and whilst there is a wire mesh barrier for protection, there are multiple view points along the way that open up entirely and enable you great photo opportunities of both the bridge and the view from it.

Rainbow Bridge by daylight
The pedestrian walkway

We walked across the bridge at around 9am on a Friday and had a bright, clear day so chose the North side to get the lovely views of Tokyo rather than the South side which would have rewarded us with views of Odaiba. At this hour we pretty much had the bridge to ourselves passing only three other people. This allowed us plenty of time to take photos but a point to note; if you are using a tripod or resting the camera on the side to use a timer, the traffic on the bridge does result in a constant vibration through the floor, which may affect your photos. We made the return journey at around 8:30pm and at this time we were the only people on the bridge. Both Odaiba and Tokyo are fully lit up at this time of night so both sides of the bridge provides great photo opportunities.

View of Tokyo from Rainbow Bridge
Rainbow Bridge at night

To walk Rainbow Bridge is very easy, the distance from metro station to Odaiba Seaside Park is approximately 3.5km and it takes approximately 30-60 minutes depending on how many stops for photos you take. We made our way to Tamachi Metro Station, exited through the East Exit and simply followed the road ahead. We crossed two canals but just kept walking straight towards the water of Tokyo Bay and the imposing structure of the bridge itself. When you get close to the bridge there is a sign and the path guides you towards the entrance. You have to choose which side of the bridge to walk along before starting as there is no opportunity to cross until you have reached Odaiba.

Approaching Odaiba, the final viewpoint allows an excellent view of Rainbow Bridge itself as it curves behind you. Continue just off the walkway to Odaiba Seaside Park though to be rewarded with uninhibited views of the bridge with a Tokyo backdrop.

Rainbow Bridge from Odaiba

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