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Zipping across Hawaii

I was excited ... 90 seconds... as I was suspended 30ft in the air, tip toeing to keep contact with the wooden panels beneath my feet, that is what lay ahead of me. I gazed forward, my eyes following the narrow wire as it disappeared out of sight and breathed deeply, ready to take the leap. The final zip line of the day and it had all been building to this; a minute and a half's glide over a luscious gulch with an opportunity to view Akaka Falls from a unique perspective - completely alone. As I sailed along, 250ft in the air, I was engrossed in the view and the peaceful isolation only dawned on me as it ebbed away.

Zip lining over Akaka Falls

The paradox of adrenaline and peace was part of the wonder of Skyline Eco Adventure on the Big Island, Hawaii. A series of seven zip lines that took in banana plantations, fields of pineapple plants, two waterfalls and plenty of aloha spirit. After a short but incredibly bumpy minibus ride our group of 12 were turfed out with two brilliant guides, Andrew and Joel, whose sense of humour and laid back attitude was completely engaging. During the 4 hour adventure, they imparted knowledge of the flora and fauna along with some more questionable facts; a Pineapple plant takes 2-3 years to produce one fruit before dying back, and a trained pigeon flew the zip line cable from one side of the gulch to the other.

Pineapple Plant
Banana Plantation
Banana Plants

The zip lines increased in length as the course progressed, the first is very short but this is more than compensated for with the finale to the day. The views are captivating throughout and the use of cameras and go pros (at your own risk) was encouraged. Due to my clumsiness, I restricted my camera use to the platforms and the short walks between lines, reluctant to remember Honomu as the place where I lost my camera! Fun was also had with the landings after each zip as each was so different; from a wooden platform to a flight staircase type construction. My landings were less than graceful but comfortingly Joel reminded us that they were contractually obliged to catch us!


Just an aside from the experience, The Skyline Eco Tours base in Akaka Falls State Park, Honomu is situated next to a wonderful little shop called Mr Ed's Bakery. A haven for lovers of jams and chutneys with literally hundreds to choose from. A family business dating back generations, I was able to taste test numerous flavours before leaving with more jars than I could carry. A wonderful little find just around the corner from where you register for the zip line adventures.

Skyline Eco Adventures
Mr Ed's Bakery
Jams and Chutneys at Mr Ed's

Take a look at the Skyline Eco Adventure website for more details about the experience.

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