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5 Reasons to visit Marrakech

1. Everywhere is so photogenic

The Red City is beautifully picturesque. From the breakfast crockery to the evening sunset and everything that you see in between, this city is wonderfully photogenic. I loved all of the mosaic floor and wall tiles, the rustic red stone of so many historic buildings, the palm trees and cacti that lined the roads and the views from the rooftop cafes. Just wandering through the streets is hours of fun for any photographers.

2. Riads are fantastic accommodation

In keeping with the photogenic theme, Riads are beautiful accommodation. These traditional Moroccan townhouses are built around a courtyard and usually have a water feature (fountain or pool) and lots of plants. I stayed at the Riad Dar El Assafir and it was very peaceful. The décor is beautifully traditional, the rooms are spacious and cool (from the Moroccan heat) and the breakfast is served in the picturesque courtyard. I do love the freedom of hotels (24-hour reception etc.) but a Riad gives you a real feel of Moroccan hospitality in a traditional setting.

3. There is quite a bit of wildlife for a city

There are lots of street cats in Marrakech. The Riad had a regular visitor who came to say hello every morning and I passed many more as I walked around the streets of the Medina. It was only after a day or two that I noticed that many of the cats live in the trees (especially if they have kittens) as a way of sheltering from the heat and staying away from the hustle of the pavements.

The El Badii Palace is a stunning ruin located in central Marrakech and houses some incredibly special wildlife. The storks that live on the palace walls are protected by law. The Berbers used to believe that the storks would transform into humans and so treated them as holy animals, to this day anyone who disturbs a stork faces a jail sentence. Slightly less obvious wildlife hides a little lower down in the Palace. Hidden within the old pools, that now grow bushes, were tortoises. Peacefully making their way through the foliage, there were many of them living there. It was lovely to see and photograph these creatures living free within the city.

4. The food

There are so many cafes and restaurants in Marrakech that I barely brushed the surface in four days. Rooftop seating areas are really popular in most eateries and these allow for great views whilst you enjoy the delicious food. I saw two fantastic sunsets from the rooftops, it is a great photo opportunity. As a general rule, the food is very reasonably priced, and the portions are big! One of the best places that I visited was Café Kif Kif. The menu was nicely varied, the staff were very friendly and there was a relaxed atmosphere. The Chicken Tagine was delicious. The Clock Café I can also recommend, for non-vegetarians the menu includes Camel meat. Normally walking around in the heat can make me lose my appetite and just crave drinks and ice cream but the quality of the food made me look forward to each meal.

5. Street Art and tree carvings

Walking around the streets of Marrakech allows you to not only take in the rustic red stone of the historic buildings but also the wealth of street art that is on offer. The 30ft murals or the carved trees that line Avenue Mohammed V, there is plenty of art on offer.


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