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Bright Lights City!

The city of Las Vegas immediately conjures up images of extravagant illuminations lighting almost every surface in the incredible 24 hour world of Sin City. I was completely swept up in the glow of Las Vegas to even consider that the millions of light bulbs before me hold a special section of the history of the city. The Neon Museum, near to Fremont Street, changed that and exposed both the history and the art that has been displayed throughout the city over the years.

The Neon Museum

The first thing that was very evident throughout the one hour tour was that Las Vegas is incredibly proud of it's neon history, both the businesses that they advertised and the signs themselves. Our tour guide went in to thorough detail of the concerts that had been played at the venues, the shows that had played under the signs and the connections developed by past businesses to result in the Las Vegas that we know today. Our tour guide was very enthusiastic and even threw in a impromptu quiz to see how closely we had listened, but it was very relaxed and enjoyable. My favourite fact was that Vegas Vic and Vegas Vicki (the cowboy signs in Fremont Street) were legally married in 1994 but the information about Betty Willis and the origins of the 'Welcome to Las Vegas' sign, was very interesting.

To explore the museum, you have to be part of a tour. This is partially for safety; the twisted metal constructs of some signage and the broken glass on others could prove to be dangerous (I wouldn't wear open toed footwear) but also to pass on the information. The only signs around the museum are the exhibits so all the information is from your guide. The yard is relatively small but the hour passes very quickly and I found it really enjoyable. The museum is a great place to take photos and there are so many opportunities along the way. At the end of the tour, there was a few minutes to take any photos you may have missed.

The Neon Museum provided a wonderful little respite away from the madness of Las Vegas. It is definitely worth visiting, take a look at their website for lots of information.

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